Mt. Lassen and Lenticular Clouds


The snowy peak of Mt. Lassen attracts lenticular cloud formations, 2007.

I saw the UFO-shaped clouds forming over Lassen Peak in my rear view mirror as I driving west on State Route 44, heading back to Sacramento from a day trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park.

I pulled off the busy highway onto a narrow dirt shoulder, grabbed my camera and tripod, then climbed on top of the Wrangler’s hardtop roof to grab a few frames. Turns out that the Jeep is a perfect platform for photography! F/18, 1/8 second, 232 mm. ISO unrecorded.

By the way, this past May marked the 100th anniversary of Mt. Lassen’s last volcanic eruption, the smoke plume from which was reportedly seen as far north as Eureka and south in Sacramento.

Photo copyright Ken Hunt and Whole Earth

As with most images seen here on my Whole Earth Images blog, as well as my website, if you would like to acquire a print or license an image for editorial use, just use either the “Comment” or “Contact” tool to communicate.

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