Nepal: Blessings from a Himalayan High Lama

LAMA GESHE at PANGBOCHE (1 of 1) copy

High Lama Geshe as seen at Pangboche, Nepal in 2000.

At the time, Lama Geshe was the highest ranking Buddhist Lama in the region. My guide, Sonam Sherpa with REI Adventures, informed me most every climber to the Mt. Everest region visits him to receive a blessing before their climb.

I still have my white silk khata scarf blessed by Lama Geshe during our brief meeting at his high altitude home (elevation 13,074 feet) some 15 years ago this fall.

Photo copyright Ken Hunt and Whole Earth
As with most images seen here on my Whole Earth Images blog, as well as my website, if you would like to acquire a print, just use either the “Comment” or “Contact” tool to communicate.

Camera: Canon AE1, with Kodak 35mm film.

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